AIDS and its cause

Dr John Lauritsen was interviewed and written about in the article entitled: Can Seriously Ill Patients Heal Without Drugs? — John Lauritsen’s Last Major Interview

AIDS is mainly linked with the gay movement, but also sexually transmitted diseases. We try to show in our therapy that spiritual issues are a great cause of disease. So these people can be helped and healed when the truth is brought to them. At the same time we seek to show that poisons or toxins are another physiological cause of disease instead of viruses, as viruses have been shown scientifically to be a result of chemical trauma.

Dr John Lauritsen has written extensively that the so called HIV was linked with poisons and drugs which affected the person, not a virus! The AZT medication prescribed was a poison, as shown in the book by Dr Lauritsen “Poisoned by Prescription: The AZT Story“.

Dr Lauritsen also declared, “Even in my first major article on AIDS, published in 1985 in the Philadelphia Gay News, I pointed out that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention was publishing statistics designed to deliberately cover up the obvious link between toxic drugs and what was then called “AIDS” for countries like the U.S. and to misrepresent AIDS as a viral disease.”

As a response to the question of what those that are found positive should do, Dr Lauritsen said, “They should also have it measured to determine whether their mitochondrial function is disturbed, what their metabolism is doing, and whether they are poisoned by drugs, toxins or heavy metals — for example from vaccine carrier substances and metal-containing tooth fillings — which can severely impair the immune system.”

So here as well, with a major disease, we see that the cause is not the virus, but poison together with the spiritual issues which lead people into such paths to expose themselves to these situations.

Someone might wonder how a child can get HIV and thus AIDS. A child feeds on his mother physically and spiritually. He has to take what his mother gives him. Thus he takes the spiritual issues which weaken the whole constitution and the poison that comes with the blood and milk. Only God is the One who can protect the child not to get sick.

I know of a couple in Romania where the husband has AIDS, but the wife never got it even if they have children. He repented of his old life and turned to God. Afterwards married a beautiful women from the church and they had children together. To this day she is not HIV positive and the children have no issues. This has baffled many people, but it is another example to show the truth.

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