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In a world where the disease destroys lives, divides families, leaves us with unmade work and affected family finances and many other effects it is time to find natural solutions with certain efficiency. At the SOZO Therapy you will find a treatment for each individual, because each one is different, meant to find the causes and solve them so that the patient reaches OPTIMAL HEALTH! Call today to make an appointment for yourself:

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The Path to Optimal Health

SOZO Therapy

SOZO therapy consists of several complementary therapies, using the most appropriate treatment for what you need.

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Our spiritual/emotional state is one of the main causes of our states, for this we offer specialized counseling.

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Neurological Examinations and Therapies

With the NeuroInfiniti device in the USA we can perform specialized EEG examinations and BioFeedback and NeuroFeedback therapies.

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A few of the

Recovered patients

Cirrhosis and Hepatitis


Breast Cancer


Neuralgia of Trigemin

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Dental recommendations

In this page you will find some contacts of some Dental Clinics where we recommend you go to solve dental problems. … Dental Recommendations Read More »


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