Pope: we are living through a WWIII

In the Vatican News article, the pope said that, “today we are living through a ‘third World War’”. Interesting that he keeps repeating this idea, that we are living through a WWIII. Will it ever escalate? WWI was disastrous, but WWII did not compare to it in the involvement of more countries and more destruction and death of many more people. What will WWIII mean for the world? Is this the final one that will fulfill the letting go of the winds of strife as mentioned in Revelation?

May the Lord give us His grace to prepare today for the future. We can prepare only by letting God show us where we are not in harmony with Him, by embracing His rebukes (coming from whoever He may use to rebuke us, even a donkey), and taking hold of Jesus Christ and His saving blood to save us from our carnal natures and the sin which so easily besets us. Come Lord Jesus!

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